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Can you name the missing words from these initialisms and acronyms?

Quiz Updated Nov 9, 2016

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____ Against Drunk DrivingMADD
North ____ Treaty OrganizationNATO
American ____ Liberties UnionACLU
National ____ Athletic AssociationNCAA
Hyper-____ Markup LanguageHTML
Cardiopulmonary ____CPR
National Association for Stock Car ____ RacingNASCAR
____ of Soviet Socialist RepublicsUSSR
National Association for the ____ of Colored PeopleNAACP
Medical College ____ TestMCAT
North American Free ____ AgreementNAFTA
____ Picture Association of AmericaMPAA
Absent Without ____AWOL
Reserve Officers' Training ____ROTC
Organization of Petroleum ____ CountriesOPEC
Joint ____ Experts GroupJPEG
Entertainment and Sports ____ NetworkESPN
People for the ____ Treatment of AnimalsPETA
Acquired Immune ____ SyndromeAIDS
Federal Bureau of ____FBI
____ Weapons and TacticsSWAT
Self-contained Underwater Breathing ____SCUBA
International Standard ____ NumberISBN
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of ____LASER

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