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Can you name the TV Shows by how one of their characters died?

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CharacterShowMethod of Death
Mr HooperNever revealed.
Henry BlakeShot down over the Sea of Japan
George MasonNuclear explosion.
Principal Bob FlutieEaten by students.
Rosalind ShaysFell down an elevator shaft.
Omar LittleShot in a grocery store.
Anastasia DuallaSuicide
Agent SebsoDrowned by a colleague.
Marvin Eriksen Sr.Heart attack.
Nikki FernandezBuried alive while in a coma.
Woody GoodmanBlown up in his private plane.
Warrick BrownShot in a back alley.
Lucy KnightStabbed four times.
Maude FlandersKnocked off a grandstand.
Marty DunnChopped in half on a bridge.
Meredith GordonBurned alive.
Susan Biddle RossPoisoned by envelopes.
Georgia 'George' LassHit by a falling toilet seat.
Rita MorganKilled in the bath.
Chuckles the ClownAttacked by an elephant.
Mrs LandinghamDied in a car crash.

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