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Can you name the Glee character by nicknames?

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Effie, Weezy, Whoopi
Irish, Great Gazoo Kid, Pixie Boy
Barbie, Little Miss Peroxide, Preggo
Marvelous Marvin
Spongebob Squarechin, Buddy, Hot Stuff
Lady, Susie, Sexy Lady
Lady Lips, Ken, Trouty Mouth
Tinkles, Knuckles
M&M, Irma, Arlene
Tweedle Dumb, Rainman with Boobs
Other Asian, Situasian
Top 40, Baby, Noah
Figgy, Maharishi
Lady Boy
Justin Timberlake, Glee Boy, Frankenteen
Asian, Asian Vampire, Happy girl drunk
Treasure Trail, Jewish-American Princess, RuPaul
Professor X, Wheels, Bluetooth
Lance Bass, Porcelain, Don Knotts
Satan, Sandbags, Jugs the Clown
Ham Hock, Manimal
Poppin Fresh, Grimace

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