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Male breast enlargementRequires surgical removal
Type of steroid implementation'Bell curve'
Type of steroid implementationMutiple types taken simultaneously
Increased muscle fiber size
Increased muscle fiber count
Adverse Effects in Males'Mike'
Adverse Effects in MalesDifficulty urinating
Adverse Effects in Males'Less swimmers'
Adverse Effects in MalesLack of neuromuscular coordination
Adverse Effects in FemalesThickened vocal chords
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Adverse Effects in FemalesMenstrual cycle cessation
Adverse Effects in FemalesScruff
Adverse Effects in FemalesSmaller
General Adverse EffectsIncreased blood insulin levels
General Adverse EffectsBlood-filled cysts
General Adverse EffectsYellow skin
General Adverse Effects'CLEAR!'
Adverse Effects in AdolescentsShorter adult stature
Promotes tissue metabolism Increased muscle mass
Promotes male characteristics Deepening of the voice, body hair

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