Characters in Don McLean's American Pie

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ReferenceEvent or CharacterHint
February Made Me ShiverEvent
Widowed BridePerson
The Day The Music DiedEvent
That'll Be The Day That I DieSong
Did You write The Book of LoveSong by a Group
Moss Grows Fat on a rolling StoneSong by an Artist
The JesterPerson
The KingPerson
The QueenPerson
The QuartetGroup
Eight Miles HighSong by a Group
The PlayersGroup
ReferenceEvent or CharacterHint
The Jester on the sidelines in a castEvent
A Generation Lost in SpaceEvent
Jack FlashPerson
There we were all in one placeEvent
The Devil/SatanPerson
Girl who sang the BluesPerson
Sacred StorePlace
The FatherPerson
The SonPerson
The Holy GhostPerson

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