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OY!VEY!Their Mother would be proud
He carried the weight up on Cripple creek.
Is Hot Tuna Kosher
Where have you gone Hank Greenberg, didn't work
Walked The Beatles down Penny Lane to Strawberry Fields
The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind
Com'n Sadie, don't let me wait. You Yiddish girls start much too late.
This Boychik took a walk on the wild side
I wonder how Calendar Girl would sound using the Hebrew calendar
Alice's Restaurant closed for the Sabbath
Ex-Husband played with Fire and Rain
OY!VEY!Their Mother would be proud
Even the Werewolves of London don't eat pork
Hallelujah, Brothers
Was once a studio Musician for Jay and The Americans, before he went to Aja.
How many of the ladies would Kiss a face like that
On Monday, Monday she was California Dreamin
Met the partner in the duet in a Grammar school Performance of Alice in Wonderland
His father was a famous comedian
The Jewish Elvis
A good girl from Brooklyn. Went to H.S. with one on this list, and college with another
The original lead of Blood Sweat and Tears

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