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Aviator __________________ testifies before the U.S. Congress and recommends that the United States negotiate a neutrality pact with Adolf Hitler1/23
The___________________________is created to entertain American troops.2/4
_________________signs the Tripartite Pact, thus joining the Axis powers3/1
Orson Welles' film ________________premiers in New York City5/1
All German and _____________Assets are frozen in the United States.6/14
American forces take over the defense of ________________from the British7/7
The requirement to wear _______________ with the word 'Jew' inscribed, is extended to all Jews over the age of 6 in German-occupied areas.9/6
All persons born in on this island since this day are declared U.S. citizens by birth1/13
Rudolph Hess paratroops into _______________claiming to be on a peace mission. 5/10
Walt Disney's animated film _____________is released10/23
In a speech at the Mansion House in London, Winston Churchill promises, 'should the United States become involved in war with ___________, the British declaration will follow with11/10
______________declares war on Japan12/8
Manolis Glezos and Apostolos Santas tear down the ___________________ on the Acropolis in Athens, and replace it with the Greek flag5/30
_________________ declares war on Japan12/8
The United Kingdom declares war on ___________.12/6
__________________in a worldwide broadcast, tells the United States to show its support by sending arms to the British: 'Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.'2/9
Japan invades______________.12/8
Future VP of the US born1/30
_____________becomes the last player to hit .4009/28
Entertainer __________ performs his first USO show5/6
Joe DiMaggio goes 1 for 4, starting a ____ game hitting streak. 5/15
Japan invades________________.12/8
Glenn T. Seaborg isolates and _____________________2/23
The Nazis forcibly restore Pierre Laval to office in occupied ___________________.2/3
Japan invades ____________.12/8
In the North Atlantic, the German battleship____________ sinks battlecruiser HMS Hood, killing all but 3 crewmen aboard the pride of the Royal Navy. 5/24
___________declares war on the United States12/12
_____________, the official Soviet news agency, denies reports of tension between Germany and the Soviet Union6/13
Chief Justice ____________________ swears in U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt for his third term.1/20
_______________________ declares war on Japan.12/8
_______________dies of ALS.6/2
This Breakfast Cereal is introduced by General MIlls5/1
The Kingdom of _____________ joins the Axis powers in Vienna3/25
Folk Rock singer Born5/24
Winston Churchill becomes the first British Prime Minister to address 12/26
Japan Invades________________12/8
__________________declares war on The United States12/12
The U.S. House of Representatives passes the Lend-____________ Act2/8
Germany invades ________________under Operation Barbarosa6/22
__________________declares war on Japan.12/8
___________________, in his first address since the German invasion, calls upon the Soviet people to carry out a 'scorched earth' policy of resistance to the bitter end.7/3
In response to the Japanese occupation of __________________, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the seizure of all Japanese assets in the United States.7/26
Babi Yar massacre – German troops, assisted by Ukrainian police and local collaborators, killed 33,771 Jews of ________________.9/29
Operation Countenance begins with United Kingdom and Soviet forces invading ___________.8/25
Germany invades Yugoslavia and _________________4/6
Under instructions from Adolf Hitler, Nazi official ___________________ orders S.S. General Reinhard Heydrich to 'submit to me as soon as possible a general plan of the administrat7/31
German forces begin a siege against the Soviet Union's second-largest city,________________.9/8
Last day of Carving 0n _______________.10/31
________________and Slovakia declare war on the Soviet Union6/23
____________________ In response to the Japanese occupation of French Indo-China, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the seizure of all Japanese assets in the United State7/26
Germany and Italy declare war on __________________.12/11
The Japanese Navy launches a surprise attack on the United States fleet at _______________, thus drawing the United States into World War II. 12/7
___________________, Mayor of New York City and Director of the Office of Civilian Defense, signs Administrative Order 9, creating the Civil Air Patrol under the authority of the U12/1
The Soviet Union and __________sign a neutrality pact4/13
General _______________ becomes the 40th Prime Minister of Japan10/18
Charles Lindbergh, at an America First Committee rally in Des Moines, Iowa, accuses 'the British, the ______________, and the Roosevelt administration' of leading the United States9/11
War is fought between _____________and Ecuador7/5- 7/31
Italy and ___________ declare war on the Soviet Union6/22
Lieutenant-General _____________________ is appointed commander of Afrika Korps.2/6
_____________________ is damaged by the Luftwaffe in an air raid5/10
The America First Committee holds its first mass rally in ______________ Charles Lindbergh as keynote speaker.4/23
W47NV begins operations in ____________________, becoming the first FM radio station.3/1
The short subject Elmer's Pet Rabbit is released, marking the second appearance of _________________, and also the first to have his name on a title card.1/4

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