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Can you name the Fringe characters from all five seasons?

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Played byCharacterDescription
Chance KellyFBI Agent involved with ZFT
Ryan McDonaldLeading scientist at Massive Dynamic
Georgina HaigDaughter of main protagonist
Michael CerverisObserves every Pattern event and often wears a black hat
Blair Brown Executive Director for Massive Dynamic
Multiple CowsAn important member of Fringe Division!
Sebastian RochéLeader of the shapeshifters
Seth GabelFringe Agent
Kirk AcevedoFBI Agent who was involved with the Pattern investigation
John NobleGenius Fringe scientist
Kevin CorriganOften found on a bowling alley
Michael KopsaLead observer in 2036
Played byCharacterDescription
Leonard NimoyFounded Massive Dynamic and is now in a parallel universe
Lance ReddickHomeland Security Agent investigating the Pattern
Lily PilbladNiece of main protagonist
Anna TorvSpecial Agent in Fringe Division
Mark ValleyFBI Agent who died after a chemical explosion and found out to be a traitor
Jared HarrisManaged to teleport out of prison and is involved with ZFT
Ari GraynorSister of main protagonist
Rowan Longworth/Spencer ListObserver anomaly
Jasika NicoleJunior Agent in Fringe Division
Shaun SmythAids the resistance in 2036
Joshua JacksonWorks in Fringe Division

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