MHFU Monsters by Attack

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Can you name the MHFU Monsters by their most annoying attacks?

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Ice Beam; Shovel Chin; Snow Swim
Water Blast; Skull Jump
Suction Wind Tunnel; Spin Cycle
Thunder Leap; Walking Electric Discharge
Lightning Beam/Ball; Chain Punches
Lava Roar; Wind Tunnel; Gigantic Charge
Ceiling Water Shot; Scythe-Pronged Charge
Lava Beam; Sleep/Explosive Gas Emission
Tail Slam; Predator Stance Combo; Tail Swipe
Snap and Drag; White Fireball
Soiled Toss; Enormous Fart; Belly Flop
Meteor Summon; Dive Bomb
Tongue Attack; Fatigue Gas; Liquid Ball
360 Degree Lightning; Guided Thunder; Lightning Charge
Wind Blasts; Hovering Blizzard Blasts
Multiple Fireball Spew; Pecking Attack
Flamethrower; Fire Powder Explosion; Flame Tail Whip
Underground Dig Attack; Uppercut Impaler
Poison Backflip; Triple Fireball
Neck Slam; Windpress Stomp
Sonic Roar; Lunging Double Peck
Crab Dance; Acid Blast
Blizzard Breath; Glacier Upchuck Impact
Around the World; Back-Jump Fireball
Ancestral Storm; Thunderous Claw
Underground Dig Attack; Horn Thrust
Sleep Breath; Jump Kicks
Poison Gas Emission; Lava Ball
Flamethrower; Fire Powder Explosion; Fiery Claw Swipe
Crystal Flash; Poisonous Dash
U-Turn Swimming Charge; Body Slam
Tail-Spin; Multi-Charge; Snow/Sand Throw
Hip Check; Swimming Charge
Repeated Charge; Stationary Thrash

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