Black Cat Chronos Numbers

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Can you name the members of the Chronos Numbers from the Black Cat manga/anime?

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Chronos NumberNameWeapon
IOrichalcum Saber 'Christ/Ichthus'
IIOrichalcum Spear 'Gungnir'
IIIOrichalcum Bow and Arrows
IVOrichalcum Knife 'Mars'
VOrichalcum Tonfas 'Dioskouroi'
VIOrichalcum Tail
VIIOrichalcum Wired Glove 'Excelion'
Chronos NumberNameWeapon
VIIIOrichalcum Flail 'Heimdall'
IXOrichalcum Cards
XOrichalcum Cane / Orichalcum Scarf 'Seiren'
XIOrichalcum Bazooka 'Verethragna'
XIIOrichalcum Armor + Blades
XIIIOrichalcum Revolver 'Hades'

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