Zelda Song by Location

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Can you name the songs you learn from these Zelda locations?

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LocationSongLearned by
Kakariko GraveyardTombstone
Lost WoodsSaria
Clock TowerHappy Mask Salesman
Lon Lon RanchMalon
Great SeaCyclone Area
Southern SwampKaepora Gaebora
Snowhead MountainGoron Elder
Dragon Roost IslandKing of Red Lions
Hyrule Castle CourtyardImpa
Zora's RiverHowling Stone
Tower of GodsMedli
Desert ColossusSheik
Sacred Forest MeadowSheik
Windmill HutGuru Guru
Giants CellGiants
LocationSongLearned by
Death MountainHowling Stone
Ordon VillageIlia
Ikana ValleyLittle Girl's Father
Romani RanchCremia
Great Bay CoastMikau
Faron WoodsGroose
Temple of TimePrincess Zelda
Kakariko VillageSheik
Death Mountain CraterSheik
Ice CavernSheik
Temple of TimeSheik
Deku PalaceMonkey
Clock TowerZelda
Clock TowerZelda

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