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The boy who had a hard life and defeated Pokey as well.
The leader of FOXHOUND.
The version of Link that appears in The Wind Waker.
The space warrior is a girl?
The epic pink puffball who inhales everything.
The aura Pokemon and appears in few Pokemon games.
The lombardi who is a assistant of Star ___
The space warrior who is in a power suit.
The red italian plumber who is a brave hero.
The red italian plumbers shy brother.
The King of the Koopas.
The leader of Star ____
He is F Zero Pilot 07.
The swordsman who speaks Japanese.
The Pokemon who loves to sing.
The trainer of all Pokemon.
The farting brother and is indeed fat.
The apes little monkey buddy.
The angel who is tired of being called a kid.
The bat who has a sword.
The hero who saves Hyrule and is a green lad.
The flat guy which his Final Smash is Octopus.
The swordsman who speaks English.
The leader of Star___
The electric mouse and mascot of Pokemon.
The Great King of Evil.
The dino who is Marios best vehicle.
The princess of Hyrule.
The fastest hedgehog in the world.
The climbers who love to climb ice mountains.
The robot who was invented by Professor Hector.
The guy who defeated the Pokey Minch.
The king who has a hammer.
The spaceman who has Pikmin.
The ape who likes bananas and loves Mario's girlfriend.
The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
The transformation of Zelda.

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