Nintendo Debuts by Protagonists

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Can you name the games that these Nintendo characters first appeared in?

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Ninten, Ness, Spike
Donkey Kong, Lanky Kong, Wrinkly Kong
Banjo, Grunty, Bottles
Fox McCloud, Krystal, Lucy Hare
Little Mac
Midna, Tatl, Link
Mallow, Geno, Chancellor
Luigi, Peach, Mario
Gulplin, Charizard, Wobbuffet
Tortimer, Dr. Shrunk, KK Slider
Princess Shroob, Dark Bowser, Rookie
Olimar, Louie, Steve
Pit, Magnus, Palutena
Samus Aran
Ribbon, Adeline, Knuckle Joe
Captain Falcon, Jody Summers, James McCloud
Krunch, T.T, TAJ
Ike, Lyn, Roy

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