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What color shirt was Derek wearing when the met?
Finish this line...' pick me, choose me...'
In season 4 who does Derek date to get over Meredith
Where does Derek propose?
Where did they first meet?
Who catches Meredith and Derek having sex in the car?
Who did they give their wedding to?
What did they write their marrige vows on?
Finish this line...' I dont want 48 uninturrupted hours...'
What does Derek give Meredith as a present to make up for getting all the credit in the clinical trial
How many times did Meredith and Derek break up?
What is drawn on their bedroom wall?
What is the name of the baby they adopted?
Who 'breaks' them up at the end of season 1?
Whats the rule in the beggining of season 3, when they get back together?

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