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Who is Teddy Married to?
What did Meredith build her dream house out of?
What did Derek give Meredith after the clinical trial?
What is Miranda Bailey's son's middle name?
How many times has Meredtih almost died?
Who claimed Merediths panties from the board?
What college did Meredith go to?
When Cristina quit what occupation did she take up?
What does Izzie do when se is upset?
Who did Derek re-hire when he became Cheif
Who lied about being a surgeon to avoid getting shot in the shooting?
Who started the syphillis outbreak?
What did Owen Hunt suffer from when he returned from iraq?
What did Derek do when he saw Mark agian for the first time?
What is Callie/Arizona/Mark's baby named?
How many times has Cristina been pregnant?
Who did Alex date after Izzie?
What are the three words Owen gets from his shrink to say to Cristina

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