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DescriptionAnswerAppeared in
Idealist tries to improve the human condition, becomes Masochist instead
Nautical nobody renounces civilization, likes picking up strays
Man searches for sister, finds everything else
Emotionless robot melts over endangering little boy
Acerbic AI has top Hollywood agent
Man with big ears worries his mother makes him too emotional
Genius gets struck by lightning and plays with trains
Blind man blasphemes against himself
Anonymous hero lives in phone booth
Doctor betrays his people, or protects them, or betrays them, or something...
DescriptionAnswerAppeared in
Newborn baby needs a hug
Man knows Kung Fu, and probably tastes like chicken
Child left behind on vacation is hunted by the government
Asthma patient reconnects with long lost son
Big giant head sees you when you're sleeping
Grumpy old lizard discovers urban landscaping
Safari tourist can't stand losing, destroys valuable ecosystem
Second hand enthousiast just wants to be loved
Prodigal son kills father, terrorizes pigeon
Personal computer needs serious debugging

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