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Independence Day (Jul. 4), St. Patrick's Day (Mar. 17), Veterans Day (Nov. 11)This country likes to try out lots of new holidays: over the years it's invented Secretaries Day (Apr. 27), Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sep. 19), and National Donut Day (Jun. 3).
Kartini Day (Apr. 21), National Children's Day (Jul. 23), **** National Day (Aug. 17)In a certain part of this country, everyone is required to stay indoors on New Years (and turn the lights off), in order to fool evil spirits into thinking the area is abandoned.
International Women's Day (Mar. 8), Persian New Year (Mar. 21), Independence Day (Aug. 31)This country also has an annual Birds of Prey festival to celebrate their beloved Eagles and Falcons.
St. David's Day (Mar. 1), St. George's Day (Apr. 23), St. Andrew's Day (Nov. 30)This country also enjoys a celebration involving burning the effigy of a historical villain, or sometimes another hated character (such as the Pope or Adolf Hitler).
White Day (Mar. 14), Greenery Day (May 4), Emperor's Birthday (Dec. 23)This country likes to begin the new year by ringing the temple bells 108 times, for an evil free year.
Remembrance Day (May 4), Liberation Day (May 5), St. Nicholas' Day (Dec. 5)The local holiday honoring the Queen's birthday takes place several months after her actual birthday.
National Heroes Day (Apr. 11), Guanacaste Day (Jul. 25), Day of the Race (Oct. 12)For many people in this country, Easter is a time for relaxing on the beach. No wonder the country shuts down for 5 days straight.
Revolution Day (Jun. 4), Republic Day (Jul. 1), Farmers' Day (Dec. 6)This country holds an annual festival to ridicule hunger, in revenge for a legendary famine of the past.
Senior Citizen's Day (May 5), Flag Day (Nov. 4), Thanksgiving (Nov. 25)One of this country's most important holidays is Youth Day, to honor young people who have made valuable contributions to their community.
Captain Regents Day (Apr. 1), Foundation of the Republic Day (Sep. 3), St. Stephen's Day (Dec. 26) This country celebrates an annual Medieval Days festival in honor of its ancient traditions.
Crown Princess' Nameday (Mar. 12), Walpurgis Night (Apr. 30), Nobel Prize Day (Dec. 10)In 1999, an organization called the Home Baking Council successfully introduced a new holiday to this country: National Cinnamon Bun Day (Oct. 4)
National Aboriginal Day (Jun. 21), Orangemen's Day (Jul. 12), United Nations Day (Oct. 24)In this country, Thanksgiving was officially moved to October because it kept falling in the same week as Remembrance Day.
Republic Day (Jan. 26), Independence Day (Aug. 15), Guru Nanak's Birthday (Nov. 11)During a famous holiday from this country, people throw various powders and water at each other in the streets.
Liberation Day (May 8), Bastille Day (Jul. 14), Armistice Day (Nov. 11)Easter eggs in this country are supposedly brought back from Rome by the church bells (who go to visit the Pope on Holy Thursday).
Unity Day (Nov. 4), St. Tatiana's Day (Jan. 25), Defender of the Fatherland Day (Feb. 23)At Christmas, children are visited by Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter the Snowmaiden

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