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Can you name the words beginning with the letters A-Z and ending with the letters Z-A?

Updated Aug 21, 2013

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HintWordEnds (Length)
Former San Fran prison: The RockA-Z (8)
AA, AAA, D, 9-Volt, e.g.B-Y (7)
TailboneC-X (6)
Sketch with a pencilD-W (4)
Altitude (abbrev.)E-V (4)
A German married womanF-U (4)
The whole spectrum from A to ZG-T (5)
Technical term for bad breathH-S (9)
One who assumes a false identityI-R (8)
2002 Movie staring Denzel Washington (2 words)J-Q (5)
Steal someone's childrenK-P (6)
Stitch's Disney partnerL-O (4)
A borough of New York CityM-N (9)
A system of favoring relativesN-M (8)
A squished circleO-L (4)
Red + whiteP-K (4)
Hmong name for the Chinese instrument, the lushengQ-J (4)
Often cheese-filled pasta stapleR-I (7)
Burn with fireS-H (6)
A major language of the PhilippinesT-G (7)
Take the shackles off the perpU-F (6)
A weakened disease preparation to inject for immunityV-E (7)
Harry Potter's weaponW-D (4)
Relating to a fear of foreignersX-C (10)
An organization for sailing and racing (2 words)Y-B (9)
Striped horse relativeZ-A (5)

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