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'Driven to Tears'
'Back in Flesh'
'Health Fanatic'
'Enola Gay'
'I’m on Fire'
'Ain’t This the Life'
'The Puppet'
'Foolish I Know'
'Respectable Street'
'Total Eclipse'
Clocks are Big; Machines are Heavy/Where’s Captain Kirk?'
'We Got the Beat'
'Bleed for Me'
'Ku Klux Klan'
'Down in the Park'
'Bad Reputation'
'Model Worker'
'My Beach'
'Offshore Banking Business'
'Come Again'
'Tear It Up'
'Uncontrollable Urge'
'Nothing Means Nothing Anymore'
'Cheryl’s Going Home'
'He’d Send in the Army'
'Beyond and Back'
'Sign of the Cross'
'Two Little Boys'
'Madame Medusa'
'So Lonely'

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