Finish the Lyrics (Ashley's Theme)

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Can you name the missing lyrics to Ashley's Theme from Wario Ware: Touched?

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LyricsMissing Lyrics# of Missing Words
Who's the girl next door5
Better learn my5
She knows3
And she brews3
You might be the3
Don't let yourself be fooled4
You should be5
She doesn't3
And she never3
Who has time for4
Eye of newt6
Grandma's wig4
Kitten spit5
Oh no,2
She could3
LyricsMissing Lyrics# of Missing Words
And still finish3
Everyone knows that4
You better2
Or she'll5
I turned my4
I'm a slave3
And yes,2
I don't have5
But I think2
And maybe4
And if you say 'No,'2
Who's the girl next door5
You better learn my5
Just remember this when6
I'm the cruelest4

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