Videogame Subtitles II (expert)

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Can you name the videogame series, based on these subtitles from one of the series' games?

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SubtitleVG Series
Deep Cover Gecko
Tiberian Sun
End of Ages
Command Mission
Hoodlum Havoc
The Alien Wars
Of Myths and Monsters
Blue Storm
Zoda's Revenge
Touch & Go
American Wasteland
of Phantasia
Rise of the Sinistrals
Soul Reaver
Judgement Clay
Pandora Tomorrow
SubtitleVG Series
Xtreme Beach Volleyball
From the New World
Justice for All
Deadly Shadows
Shadows of Amn
Dragon Quarter
The Last Revelation
World Party
Silent Assassin
Samurai's Destiny
Black Hole Rising
Seeds of Evil
Munch's Oddysee
Dinner with Friends
Absence of Justice

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