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Can you name the Platformers in which these levels appear?

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Lethal Lava Land / Wet-Dry World / Shifting Sand Land
New Junk City / What The Heck? / Buttvile
The Sackbot Redemption / Full Metal Rabbit / Tower of Whoop
Idol Springs / Skelos Badlands / Aquaria Towers
Barrel Cannon Canyon / Vulture Culture / Stop & Go Station
Shy Guy's Ship / Poochy and Nippy / Tower Climb
Dan's Crypt / Pools of the Ancient Dead / Pumpkin Gorge
Glitter Gulch Mine / Cloud Cuckooland / Terrydactyland
Mao Tse Tongue / Gilligex Isle / Trouble in Uranus
High Class Heist / A Cunning Disguise / The Gunboat Graveyard
Twinkle Park / Casinopolis / Emerald Coast
Sunken Ghost Ship / Cheese Bridge Area / Forest of Illusion 3
Un-Bearable / Snow Go / Crash Crush
Sandover Village / Precursor Basin / Gol and Maia's Citadel
New Freezeland / Peak Point Matrix / Mysterious Ages
Flying Battery Zone / Sky Sanctuary Zone / Sandopolis Zone
Kannon's Klaim / Lockjaw's Locker / Parrot Chute Panic
The Elephant Graveyard / Pride Rock / The Stampede
Run-Down Pyramid / Launchpad Labyrinth / Its-all Mine
The Potted Ghost's Castle / Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts / Chomp Rock Zone
Agrabah Market / Rug Ride / Sultan's Dungeon
The Marshes of Awakening / The Menhir Hills / The Cave of Bad Dreams
Pteranodon Pond / Open Ocean / Medusa Bay
Top Man's Stage / Needle Man's Stage / Gemini Man's Stage
Scrabania / RuptureFarms / Monsaic Lines
Planet Obani Gemini / Annihilation Nation / Starship Phoenix
Dyna Blade / The Great Cave Offensive / Spring Breeze
Pier Pressure / Toying Around / Radical Rails
N.Sanity Isle / High Seas Hi-Jinks / Slip Slide Icecapades
King of Cling / Pinchin' Pirates / The Mole Train

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