5 Keywords: Beatles Songs II

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Can you name the only Beatles Songs to contain these 5 words?

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breast, children, manage, meet, bootlace
hideaway, sea, shade, swim, waves
Desmond, kids, marketplace, ring, yard
audience, Billy, guaranteed, introduce, singer
ceiling, lazy, spoil, wake, yawning
army, blew, comb, dream, news
'cause, going, hung, misunderstanding, real
aboard, land, live, sailed, town
bacon, dirt, shirts, sties, whacking
another, boom, dance, seventeen, tight
declare, heat, nineteen, pennies, Wilson
maid, meter, military, parking, ticket
dirty, madam, novel, pages, writing
belle, ensemble, need, understand, words
cellophane, kaleidoscope, marmalade, marshmallow, plasticine
flight, lucky, Miami, Moscow, West
alright, Chairman, constitution, solution, world
dog, log, moan, sleeping, work
dead, Edison, quizzical, testimonial, Valerie
child-like, measured, sheepdog, sweaty, wigwam

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