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Can you name the only Beatles Songs to contain these 5 words?

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answer, cloudy, Mary, whisper, wisdom
dirt, Father, jar, people, wedding
cottage, feed, knit, older, valentine
alone, high, lend, sight, tune
beginning, ignorance, stream, surrender, void
died, happened, home, lie, telephone
dirty, go-getter, obscene, shaves, sister
Arizona, belonged, Jojo, sweet, woman
bath, biding, chair, fire, flown
bible, howdown, Nancy, rival, saloon
investigation, limousine, Monday, negotiations, rent
admit, best, cruel, sand, school
corporation, fly, garden, pigs, policemen
clue, looking, ocean, Paul, tulips
fix, hobnail, misses, Superior, velvet
Coca-Cola, disease, eyeballs, grooving, muddy
baby, between, famous, prospects, star
blisters, bottom, dancer, ride, slide
barber, hourglass, motorcar, roundabout, suburban
colourful, cracks, door, rain, wandering

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