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Forced Order
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Capital is Bern. / Makers of world-famous cheese. / Also chocolate.
Mexico's neighbor. / Rifles and swords on the flag. / We pay with quetzals.
Sixth largest country. / Had 2000 Olympics. / Oh, look, a dingo.
Mountainous landscape. / A country since '91. / Tourists love Lake Bled.
Red, black, yellow flag. / We mostly speak Portuguese. / African country.
We're great at football. / Hosts next summer Olympics. / Huge statue of Christ.
Unique Grand Prix track. / Official language is French. / Flag is bicolor.
A landlocked country. / The currency's the tögrög. / Lowest density.
Archipelago. / A Union Jack on the flag. / Exports sugar cane.
Turkey's my neighbor. / Capital is Yerevan. / Red, blue, yellow flag.
Jim Carrey's from here. / Pamela Anderson too. / Oh and also Rush.
A dictatorship. / Fourth largest active army. / Almost no tourists.
Parrot on the flag. / Discovered by Columbus. / Nicknamed 'Nature Isle'.
We're led by a king. / Shield and two spears on the flag. / Mozambique's neighbor.
Home of singer Björk. / No active military. / Glaciers and lava.
Yellow and blue flag. / The largest landlocked country. / Lots of fossil fuel.
Peaceful and neutral. / King Carl Gustaf is reigning. / Great hockey players.
Millions of tourists. / Transcontinental country. / Built colossal tombs.

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