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Can you name the 2011 movies which fit the good and bad critiques given for each ?

Updated Jan 9, 2012

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Good CritiqueMovieBad Critique
A loopy joy from start to finish, Bradley Cooper proves that he's the real deal [Empire]The tiny bit of sense it makes at the beginning is quickly sacrificed in a conclusion so facile, illogical and cheap that it could use a dose of NZT itself [SF Chronicle]
Lasseter is back behind the wheel, and you can feel his love for all things automotive in every frame [Rolling Stone]Looks fantastic, but the studio has never given audiences - especially over the age of 10 - less reason to be emotionally invested in the shiny things flying across the screen [AV Club]
It is in many respects the best installment of the franchise as its stars go from sullen kids to sullen young adults, where their expressions look more natural [USA Today]Intended as the cinematic equivalent of an orgasm, this tirelessly hyped insta-blockbuster is loaded with OMG developments (marriage! Sex! Baby!) [Slant]
The world-class mechanic is Brad Bird, who applies the pacing and spatial freedom of a 'toon to a live-action thriller [St. Louis Post]The strategy deserves to self-destruct in five seconds [St. Petersburg Times]
After undergoing some unfortunate mutations in recent years, a beleaguered Marvel movie property gets the smart, stylish prequel it deserves [Variety]Lacking a single memorable joke or striking image, [movie] is as perfunctory and passionless as would-be franchise resurrections get [Village Voice]
Good CritiqueMovieBad Critique
The ride Snyder takes you on is so vividly conceived, so deliriously bizarre and wonderful [Miami Herald]A greasy collection of near-rape fantasies and violent revenge scenarios disguised as a female-empowerment fairy tale [Chicago Tribune]
The chemistry this trio has is special; the premise of the sequel seems worn, but the way they work against and with each other is what provides the pleasure [Time]What was fresh and surprising in Las Vegas turns rancid and predictable in Bangkok [Wall Street Journal]
Though [movie] doesn't really cast any lingering animal magic, it has enough laughs to keep family audiences engaged during the summer holidays [Liverpool Echo]The talking animals are murder on the ears: Maya Rudolph as a neurotic giraffe and Sandler voicing a monkey could take the paint off of a Buick [Movieline]
The kills themselves are both bountiful and bloody, the movie references are brilliant and bloody, the funny is very frequent and very bloody [LA Times]The conceit of the characters' fates being determined by the 'rules' of horror movies feels tired; a clever idea that was worth one movie [NY Times]
It generally succeeds, thanks to a visually energetic approach by director Jon Chu that keeps all the obligatory backstage/onstage bits moving fluidly [Hollywood Reporter]The film's premise - that he achieved his superstardom through years of hard work overcoming towering obstacles - is so flawed that everything built upon it borders on self-parody [AV Club]

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