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Can you name the words missing in these Donkey Kong Country levels?

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LevelMissing Word
Ice Age _____ (DKC1)
_____ Climb (DKC2)
Orang-utan _____ (DKC1)
Kong-Fused _____ (DKC3)
Bramble _____ (DKC2)
_____ Bonanza (DKC1)
Stop & Go _____ (DKC1)
Squeals on _____ (DKC3)
Lockjaw's _____ (DKC2)
____ Chute Panic (DKC2)
LevelMissing Word
Vulture _____ (DKC1)
Fish _____ Frenzy (DKC3)
Target _____ (DKC2)
Blackout _____ (DKC1)
Toxic _____ (DKC2)
Winky's _____ (DKC1)
Doorstop _____ (DKC3)
Tree _____ Town (DKC1)
Low-G _____ (DKC3)
Chain Link _____ (DKC2)

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