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Can you name the the Albums, given these synonyms of them?

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Evilenginethumb (1991)
Farewell golden block path (1973)
Spooky creatures (and mega frights) (1980)
A surge of hemoglobin to the skull (2002)
Cute loathe device (1989)
Unidentified delights (1979)
Banishment on principal boulevard (1972)
Dread of a an empty Jupiter (2007)
Heated rodents (1969)
Some sort of sorcery (1986)
Music group traveling (1973)
Seasoning herb land (1997)
Homo sapiens in the end (2005)
Amusing home (1970)
Natural satellite African trip (1998)
Ocean transition (2002)
More tunes related to skyscrapers and chow (1978)
Journal of a psycho (1981)
Sort of bright indigo (1959)
Ne New Testament (2007)

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