Games: 2 Characters, 2 Places II (EXPERT)

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Can you name the games, when given two characters and two places from them?

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Globox, Admiral RazorbeardThe Fairy Glade, The Cave of Bad Dreams
Shiki Misaki, Sho MinamimotoStation Underpass, Shibukyu Main Store
Ryu, KattHomeTown, Coursair
Deckard Cain, AndarielKurast Docks, Pandemonium Fortress
Felix, Saturos Sol Sanctum, Mercury Lighthouse
Jack Of Blades, TwinbladeOakvale, Bowerstone
Marin, Old Man UlriraUkuku Prairie, Catfish's Maw
Heidegger, BugenhagenMt. Nibel, Wutai
Alyx Vance, Dr. Wallace BreenRavenholm, Nova Prospekt
Pico, Samurai GorohBig Blue, Mute City II
Tom Nook, Officer CopperThe Post Office, The Wishing Well
Liara T'Soni, HarbingerThe Presidium, Zhu's Hope
The Arbiter, Prophet of RegretCairo Station, Quarantine Zone
Baxter, BebopAlley Cat Blues, Bury my Shell at Wounded Knee
Captain Qwark, Chairman DrekBlarg Station Nebula, Planet Novalis
The Great Mighty Poo, The Fabled Panther KingBat's Tower, Saving Private Rodent
Crazy Hand, SandbagFlat Zone, Rainbow Cruise
Professor Monkey for a Head, Bob the GoldfishNew Junk City, Snot a Problem
Roll Casket, Tron BonneKattelox Island, Yass Plains
Karsh, LynxViper Manor, Earth Dragon Isle
Ebisumaru, ImpactMt. Fuji, Ghost Toy's Castle
Genis Sage, Presea CombatirPalmacosta Human Ranch, Tethe'alla
Axem Rangers, FrogfuciusTadpole Pond, Moleville
Vega, DhalsimThailand, Brazil
Timber, DrumstickHot Top Volcano, Spaceport Alpha

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