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You want it, ______
Get bigger, harder, and _______
With the all new powerful Tower 200 from ____________
You gotta door?
With the Tower 200 you get up to 200 pounds of _____ resistance
Delivered through our ________________
And over 200 ______ exercies
That push your muscles to the _____
Screw the _____
If you're ready to get _____ check out the mother of all workouts
In our 11 minute __________ routine
Feautring Randy Couture's MMA inspire moves like the ______,
the _______,
the _______
This workout is _______
In seconds, the Tower 200 fits on any door in the ________, ________, or ______
Plus, it's padded, so there's no messin' up your _____
Get it done, and __________
Its brought to you from Body by Jake and features ______ Frame Construction
Arrives ____ assembled
Come with a _______ warranty
Plus, the __________ drop down chart
Randy Couture's ______ mother of all workouts DVD
Are you still not ________?
Whether you're just _______
Or you're _______
The Tower 200 was built ______
C'mon, you can't find 11 minutes a day? Stop _______
Take control of your _____
It's time for you to be the _____
Let's go ______

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