Periods of Earth's History

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Time PeriodPeriodMajor Developments
354-290 myaSwamps, tree ferns, first reptiles
417-354 myaFirst amphibians and seed plants, oxygen reaches present-day levels
2500-543 myaSoft-bodied animals, oxygen levels reach 3%, breakup of Laurentia supercontinent
443-417 myaVascular land plants, terrestrial arthropods
54-33 myaFirst whales, continents near present-day positions
248-206 myaFirst mammals, crocodiles, and dinosaurs
5.3-1.8 myaFirst hominids, first global ice ages
0.01-0 myaPresent day
65-54 myaFirst primates, rodents, and bats
33-24 myaFirst apes, formation of grasslands
Time PeriodPeriodMajor Developments
1.8-0.01 myaEarly cave-dwelling humans, periods of glaciation
206-144 myaBreakup of Pangaea, first birds
3800-2500 myaPhotosynthetizing bacteria, first eukaryotes, continents begin shifting
4550-3800 myaOldest known rocks, oceans form, evidence of life
24-5.3 myaGreat mountain building, horses, kelp forests, chimpanzees
490-443 myaAppearance of land plants, sharks, and fishes
290-248 myaFormation of Pangaea, conifers, mammal-like reptiles
144-65 myaFirst flowering plants and pollinating insects
543-490 mya'Explosion' of life, first chordates, first arthropods, Gondwana supercontinent forms

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