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Scooter directing Austin and Tori in Midsummer to 'spoon but no...'
(Brent in Midsummer) 'it was so nice of them to include... '
'I am one ____ ______ from walking out of here!!'
location of Greg and Eliza's first kiss
where josh left his boogers
first girl's bra Calvin touched
blifil's real name
Sarah likes fun ____
the other other julia's last name
place you should never put puppies
where Marie lights matches
'what made you choose those _____ for today?'
her boyfriend made _________'s back hurt
'I'm not a creep. I'm just a ______ '
I am a creep
Ive got ______ in my pocket
'why do I keep that _____ in the kitchen?'
who's peeing?
WHERE'S WERNIG?!!!!!!!!!

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