The 'Jack Dann Game' Quiz

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Can you name the missing words from books that qualify for the Jack Dann game?

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BookMissing Word
Moving Pictures Terry _________
Clans of the Alphane Moon ______ K. Dick
Cradle ______ C. Clarke & Gentry Lee
Fools ___ Cadigan
___ Mars Kim Stanley Robinson
The ______ of Willoughby Chase Joan Aiken
Camouflage ___ Haldeman
Murder Must _________ Dorothy Sayers
I Will Fear No ____ Robert Heinlein
BookMissing Word
The ______ Cannot Hold Brian Stableford
The First Wives ____ Olivia Goldsmith
Jerusalem Commands _______ Moorcock
Never Let Me __ Kazuo Ishiguro
Two Sisters ____ Vidal
I Have No _____, and I Must Scream Harlan Ellison
A Man Rides Through Stephen R. _________
The Great ____ Robert Jordan
Stop Teaching Our ____ to Kill Dave Grossman & Gloria Degaetano

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