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What does Ross feign on his first day teaching at NYU?
Which song does Monica sing at Mike's piano bar?
What does Chandler call the bracelet Joey gives him?
Why does Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance scare the bejesus out of Chandler?
To get Rachel off the plane so Ross can tell her he loves her in 'The Last One,' Phoebe tells her there is something wrong with which part of the plane?
What does Ross find out for the first time after learning that Rachel is pregnant?
Name one of the men from Rachel's list of celebrities she is allowed to sleep with?
What do Ross and Ben pretend happens to Ross to freak out Rachel after she taught Ben practical jokes?
The morning after Ross and Rachel drunkenly get married, Ross quiets everyone's hysteria by saying they will just get an annulment. What does Joey think an annulment is?
What does Joey think is his 'family name'?
Finish the quote - Ross 'This is a misunderstanding, and what that happens in a marriage...' Rachel: 'This isn't a marriage! This is ...
What happens when Ross tries to put lotion on his legs following putting powder on them to try to get his leather pants back on?
According to Monica, spring vacation is doing nice things with your grandparents while spring break is what?
What actor is sitting next to Rachel on the plane on her way to break up Ross' wedding who tells her that she is a 'horrible person'?
Which two things made Joey figure out about Monica and Chandler?
What does Ross keep yelling at Rachel and Chandler when they are trying to maneuver his new couch up the stairs?
Finish the quote: 'Yeah, 'cause that's why you won't get Isabella Rossellini...
In 'The One With the Blackout,' Chandler tells Jill Goodacre, 'On second thought...
When Chandler and Ross stay at a bed and breakfast in Vermont, what does Ross get addicted to?
In 'The One With Rachel's Other Sister' what animal does every lie Joey comes up with involve?

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