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MoralFairy Tale
Never accept food from strange old women.
Keep an eye on the clock.
Never forget to invite powerful people to special events.
Selfless love can gain you a soul.
Don't wear ostentatious footwear to church.
True royalty is super-sensitive.
Don't talk to strangers.
Always remember the way back home.
If you can't see it, it's probably not there.
Judge people by their hearts, not their appearances.
Stories can change a person, given a long enough period of time.
Keep your promises, even if they're to another species.
Climbing slippery slopes only works if you have magical horses.
Royal kisses are an acceptable form of payment, especially if you spend all your time with pigs.
Invisibility cloaks always come in handy.
Don't try to cheat magical musicians.
Never let your lady-in-waiting usurp you.
MoralFairy Tale
Don't steal from your neighbor's vegetable garden.
Don't try to marry your daughter.
Don't accept gifts from jealous sisters, especially if your polar bear husband told you not to.
Don't let your mother-in-law catch you visiting graveyards.
Be careful of demon-mirror shards (they might get in your eye-- or your heart).
Never marry strange gentlemen with mysterious locked rooms.
Poor deals can bring giant rewards.
The quality of your character is reflected in what comes out of your mouth.
There's a match for everyone, no matter how small.
Freezing to death. It happens.
Some people's names are impossible to guess.
Help your sister out and you can have a prince too.
Little people make good shop workers.
Puppets have feelings, too.
Listen to your cat, it's probably smarter than you are.
Natural wonders are superior to artificial ones.

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