Wonders of America - Land of Superlatives

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Can you name the places, plants, animals, or structures in the United States on the 'Wonders of America' stamps?

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Column 1
Largest Reptile 
Longest Hiking Trail 
Windiest Place 
Tallest Trees 
Column 2
Highest Sea Cliffs 
Tallest Man-made Monument 
Largest Canyon 
Largest Rodent 
Column 3
Tallest Cactus 
Oldest Mountains 
Largest Frog 
Longest River System (2 rivers) 
Column 4
Largest Glacier 
Largest Flower 
Tallest Dam 
Rainiest Spot 
Column 5
Tallest Dunes 
Largest Lake 
Fastest Bird 
Most Active Volcano 
Column 6
Largest Estuary 
Fastest Land Animal 
Largest Delta 
Longest Cave 
Column 7
Largest Cliff Dwelling 
Oldest Trees 
Tallest Geyser 
Loudest Animal 
Column 8
Deepest Lake 
Tallest Waterfall 
Largest Natural Bridge 
Hottest Spot 
Column 9
Largest Land Animal 
Largest Desert 
Largest Freshwater Fish 
Longest Covered Bridge  
Column 10
Longest Reef 
Longest Span 
Longest Mountain Chain 
Largest Plant 

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