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HintA to Z Answer
'Weiner' dog breed
Ancient Egyptian writing system
Amerigo the explorer
Arnold the 'Terminator'
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Sex Dr. Ruth
Actor Jake from 'Brokeback Mountain'
1980 Newton-John flick
Sporcle's infamous country
Jewish skullcap
'Taco Bell' dog breed
Largest city in New Mexico
Tiny Tim's instrument
HintA to Z Answer
Crane in 'The Legend of Sleepy Hallow'
Boston is its capital
James, the 15th US president
'The French __________'s Woman' - movie
A fictitious name (it begins with a silent letter)
'Swan Lake' composer Peter (Pyotr)
'Blue Velvet' actress Isabella
A sound word like 'oink' or 'buzz'
Gold, Myrrh and...
Mrs. Kennedy Onasis
'Sound of Music' flower
PM of Israel, Benjamin
Renée from 'Jerry Maguire'

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