The good, the bad, and a few ugly.

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'Cops' theme song
A.M. show on ABC
Pink and white candy
Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler romantic comedy
Blimp company
Little Red Riding Hood's foe
Album by LaToya Jackson
A beautiful swan, once
Song by Little Richard about a lady
'Show me the money!' actor
Williams/Damon flick
Movie about misfit ballplayers
De Niro's Mafia movie
Movie about a real saloon
'It' don't spoil the whole bunch, girl
'Seal of Approval' magazine
Creedence Clearwater Revival single
'______ ______! Charlie Brown'
'Feel Like Makin' Love' group
Dan on 'Roseanne'
Beach Boys #1 hit song
'He's very naughty...and not very nice.'
Song by Lady Gaga
America Ferrera's show
Hershey's chocolate and peanut candy
Daniel Powter's one-hit wonder
'The baddest man in the whole damn town.'
'Dy-no-mite' TV show
Springsteen song or U.S. National Park

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