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Can you name the Black & White to Color TV Shows by the characters?

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CharactersTV Show
Jed, Jethro, Elly May
Thurston, Lovey
Samantha, Darrin, Endora
Timmy, Ruth
Carter, Boyle
Buffalo Bob, Clarabell
David, Ricky
Robinson, Smith
Jimmy, Lois, Perry
Agent 99, Chief *
Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo
Rodney, Norman
O'Rourke, Agarn
Betty, Barney
Solo, Kuryakin
CharactersTV Show
Green Jeans, Moose
Rebecca, Mingo
Kimble, Gerard
Wooster, Hawks
Martin, Tim
Chip, Robbie, Ernie
Nelson, Healey
James, Leonard
Goober, Otis, Floyd
Vivian, Mr. Mooney
West, Gordon
Klink, Schultz *
Baxter, Burke
Doc, Kitty, Festus
Zorba, Wills

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