The Life of Bill Healy

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Full Name
Name on Birth Certificate
Grandmother's Profession
Family Nationality
Born in
Year of Birth
Family Street Address
Grade School
High School
Caddied at what golf course?
Met his wife in what year?
Introduced by
Grew mustache in what year?
Can shave mustache when?
Married on what date?
Favorite Child
Currently lives in what town?
Current Parish
License Plate
Currently drives what car?
Softball Team Name
Collector of what?
Drinks Sunday Morning Coffee with....
Favorite Football Team
Favorite Hockey Team
Favorite Baseball Team
Favorite Basketball Team
Least Favorite Baseball Team
Least Favorite Football Team
Exchanges bad beer with.......
Opened own business in what year?
Longest co-workers
Most recently was the best man in whose wedding?
Eats at whose house on Christmas Eve?
Favorite Sport
Home Course
Favorite Son-in-law
Favorite Restaurant with Pete Trainor
Favorite TV Station
Favorite Website
Is the world's #1 what?

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