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Navid's dad is in the ___ industry.
True of False: Erin Silver and Naomi Clark are friends at the beginning of season one?
Liam's ____ is burned down by Annie's ex-boyfriend.
In season one what is the C&C lifestyle Adrianna follows?
The sport that Teddy is amazing at.
What is the name of Annie's 'sweet' cousin that comes in to town from Kansas and reeks havoc on her life?
What is the name of the school newspaper?
Ivy Sullivan first falls in love with?
Ivy ends up marrying Raj despite what health condition?
Lila from the Blaze dates who?
Who has a lesbian relationship with Gia?
What is the name of the latin superstar Adrianna steals from?
What is the name of Adrianna's temporary manager?
Holly is Naomi's arch-enemy in college and formally dated which of Naomi's love interests?
Naomi gets arrested for 'growing' what in her new house?
Ivy's mother is named what?
The name of the British player who destroys Ivy's life with her mother.
Where does Dixon first get a job?
The name of the bar Liam buys?
Jane is married to what 'dead' character?
Liam slept with ___ while with Naomi
Which two characters have had naked pictures of themselves sent around?
Ryan teaches what subject?
The name of the teacher that rapes Naomi?
Guru Sonna does runs what kind of retreat?
Navid's uncle runs what kind of illegal business out of the studio?
Navid's father runs away to what country?
Navid's mother moves to what country?
Harry Wilson gets too close for comfort with who's sister?
Silver has what mental illness?
In order to make extra money in Season Four Annie becomes a what?
Annie becomes depressed after she does what after prom?
Teddy's first boyfriends name?

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