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Can you name the Guild Wars 2 Enemy types?

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Achievement DescriptionEnemy Type
Even [answer]s can't stand such brutal onslaughts
The only good ice dragon cultist is a dead ice dragon cultist
Fire, earth, lightning, water and ice can't stand up to steel and magic
[Answer]s may be ugly, tough and dangerous, but they're still prey for a skilled adventurer
Hit them in the right spot, and they make cool patterns in the mud
Tangling with you was the last stupid decision these smart creatures ever made
These birds of prey have met their predator
Cull these aggressive amphibians
The bigger they are, the harder they fall
All criminals eventually meet a dark end
Consider these winged rats cut down
Send the spirits into the mists so they can rest in peace
The worst thing to happen to [answer]s since scurvy and sea monsters
Half-man, half-bull, all dead
Enough of these massive [Answer]s on Tyria's massive plains
Clip the wings of these she-beasts
A few more [Answer] herds are thinned out
These leafy monsters are now mulch
Even the creatures in the deep aren't safe from harm
They should have used their eight legs to run away from tougher fighters
Achievement DescriptionEnemy Type
They should have worshipped you. At least they'd still be alive
Become the enemy of the collective by killing [Answer]
Scrape these scavengers off the surface of Tyria
Zhaitan should have raised a better army
If they are so smart, how come they couldn't stop from getting killed?
Haunt these evil sylvari like a bad dream
Hunting these formidable beasts has been a Tyrian pastime for centures
Squish these creepy crawlies
Gut the scaly swimmers to catch an achievement this big
Smoke out Baelfire's minions, and show them what real power looks like
It's not polite to eat the dead
Big and tough are only impressive if you're alive to show it off
Make it safe to go back in the water
Just goes to show, two heads are not better than one
Don't worry. Demon blood is easy to wash out
These tricky hunters learned the hard way you were the most dangerous game
Slice these slimy things from top to bottom
These creatures used to be powerful and great kings. Now, dead
If small things were meant to live, they'd have bigger teeth or faster feet

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