SNL's 25 Most Repeated Characters

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Can you name the 25 Most Recurring SNL Characters (non impressions)?

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# of EpisodesCharacter(s)Player(s)
13Entire Season 1 Cast
13Phil Hartman
13Bill Murray & Gilda Radner
13Rob Schneider
14Julia Sweeny
14Tim Kazurinsky
14Mike Myers
14Mike Myers
15Chris Kattan
15Tim Meadows
15Ana Gasteyer & Molly Shannon
16John Belushi
17Will Ferrell & Cheri Oteri
# of EpisodesCharacter(s)Player(s)
17Gildna Radner
18Nora Dunn
19Molly Shannon
19Jon Lovitz
20Al Franken
20Dana Carvey & Kevin Nealon
20Dana Carvey
21Will Ferrell & Ana Gasteyer
21/19Mike Myers & Dana Carvey
22A Clay Figurine
24Don Novello
25Gilda Radner

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