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Peter PanStop the ticking
Snow WhiteBe awakened by my prince
RatatouilleProve himself to his father and the world
Toy Story 2Be loved by someone again
Snow WhiteBe the fairest in the land
Finding NemoFind Nemo
A Bug's LifeSave the ant colony with the warrior bugs
Wall-EFind plant
The Lion KingFind Hakuna Matata
The Jungle BookKeep my pal in the jungle
Toy Story 2Sell the Woody collection
The IncrediblesRelive the glory days
Alice in WonderlandTea anyone
HerculesBecome a god
Sleeping BeautyWake up
TarzanCapture and sell gorillas
PinocchioBecome rich with my puppet show
Lady and the TrampGet home
One Hundred and One DalmationsGet those Dalmations
CinderellaStop being a servant girl
Alice in WonderlandNot be late
PinocchioHave a son
Lilo and StitchFind a job
HerculesKill Hercules
CarsRide in a helicopter
Toy Story 2Stop Buzz Lightyear
DumboHelp Dumbo become famous
Alice in WonderlandCut off your head
The Emperor's New GrooveStop being a llama
CinderellaFind the girl to whom the shoe belongs
CarsRace for Dinoco
PinocchioBe a real boy
The Lion KingKill my brother
Monster's Inc.Get home
AladdinTake over Agrabah
Monster's Inc.Revolutionize scaring
Chicken LittleMake my father proud
AladdinLive the good life
BambiMarry Faline
The Emperor's New GrooveTake over the empire
The Lion KingAvenge my father
The Princess and the FrogBecome human again
Lilo and StitchTrain my puppy
Beauty and the BeastBecome human again
The Little MermaidProtect Ariel
RatatouilleBecome a chef
Who Framed Roger RabbitBe proven innocent
TarzanStudy Gorillas
Peter PanNever grow up
Wall-EMarry EVE
Toy StoryBlow up toys
The Nightmare Before ChristmasFind something new
Lilo and StitchFind family
Toy StoryStay Andy's favorite toy
AtlantisDiscover a lost world
Toy Story 3Rule Sunnyside
The Little MermaidBird who collect human things
Meet the RobbinsonsFind a family
Monster's Inc.Save the kid
Finding NemoEscape to the ocean
MulanBring honor to my family
UPGet to Paradise Falls
Toy StoryGet back to space command
UPRecieve all the wilderness scout patches
The Nightmare Before ChristmasPlay games with a fat man

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