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Official Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Nickname
Part Of Scandinavia Along With
Part Of Scandinavia Along With
Part Of Scandinavia Along With
Prime Minister
Capital city
Second Largest City
National Anthem
Royal Anthem
Official Language
Bordering Country
Highest Point
Lowest Point
Only Peninsula
Most Popular Sport
Longest River
National Poet
Drives on the
Primary Royal Residence
Age of Suffrage
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Northernmost Point
Largest Island
Number Of Regions
Number Of Municipalities
Year of first Constitution
Year of EU accession
Notorious Autonomous Neighbourhood Inside The Capital
National Bird
National Tree
Nationality (Demonym)
Once Inhabited By (8th–11th centuries)
...who didn't actually have these on their helmets
Largest Religious Denomination
First Country To Legalise...
Won The European Football Championship This Year

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