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Can you name the countries and capitals of Africa by their initials?

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Initials (Capital, Country)Capital and Country
A, N
A, G
A A, E
A, A
A, M
A, E
B, M
B, C A R
B, (T) G
B, G-B
B, R O T C
B, B
C, E
C, G
D, S
D, D
D, T
F, S L
G, B
H, Z
J, S S
K, U
K, S
K, R
K, D R O T C
L, G
L, M
Initials (Capital, Country)Capital and Country
L, T
L, A
L, Z
M, E G
M, M
M, L
M, S
M, S
M, L
M, C
N, K
N'D, C
N, N
N, M
O, B F
P L, M
P N, B
P, C V
P, S A
R, M
S T, S T A P
T, L
T, T
V, S
W, N
Y, C D'I (I C)
Y, C

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