Star Wars: A New Hope Characters

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Can you name the characters from Star Wars: A New Hope?

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Character DescriptionCharacter Name
Tatooine Farmboy
Smuggler/Millenium Falcon Pilot
Alderaan Diplomat
Imperial Moff
Jedi Knight/Crazy Old Hermit
Protocol Droid
Astromech Droid
Wookiee Co-Pilot
Dark Lord
Tatooine Moisture Farmer
Wife of Tatooine Farmer
Rebel Leader in Death Star Attack Briefing
X-Wing Pilot Red 2
Character DescriptionCharacter Name
Red 3/Luke's Childhood Friend
Hefty X-Wing Pilot (Red 6)
Head Y-Wing Pilot
Imperial Admiral in charge of Death Star/Vader finds his lack of faith disturbing
Nameless/Faceless Imperial Troops
Hostile Tatooine Nomads
Diminutive Tatooine Scavengers
Human Cantina Patron. Says, 'He doesn't like you'
Cantina Bartender
Tatooine Spy (Long Snoot)
Rodian Bounty Hunter
Ithorian Cantina Patron, also a farmer
Star Wars Creator/Director

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