Blackboard Bold A-Z

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Can you name the mathematical concepts represented by each blackboard bold letter?

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A (𝔸)
B (𝔹)
C (β„‚)
D (𝔻)
E (𝔼)
F (𝔽)
G (𝔾)
H (ℍ)
I (𝕀)
J (𝕁)
K (𝕂)
L (𝕃)
N (β„•)
O (𝕆)
P (β„™)
Q (β„š)
R (ℝ)
S (π•Š)
T (𝕋)
U (π•Œ)
V (𝕍)
W (π•Ž)
X (𝕏)
Z (β„€)

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