Who Ended Sports Iconic Streaks?

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Can you name who ended streaks of both sSportsRecords
Edwin Moses First loss in 10 years, 1987?122-race winning streak in 400-meter hurdles
What team blanked Johnny Unitas in 1960?NFL Consecutive TD Pass Game Streak
Who broke Alexander Karelin's streak in 2000?Greco Roman Wrestling winning streak
Pitcher who stopped Joe DiMaggio in 1941?MLB Longest Hitting Streak
Who replaced Cal Ripken in 1998?MLB Consecutive Game Streak
Wayne Gretzky 51 point streak ended in 194 by?NHL Consecutive Point Streak
Who beat UConn women basketball in 2011?NCAA Consecutive Game Win Streak
QB who replaced Brett Favre in 2010?NFL Consecutive Game Streak QB

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