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Can you name the People described in these clerihews??

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Sir ____/ abominated gravy/ and lived in the odium/ of having discovered sodium.
Sir ____/ is smarter than you are/ none of you asses/ can liquefy gases
Did ____/ depart/ with the thought/ therefore I'm not.
When ____/ found the phrase 'financial sharks'/ he sang a te deum/ in the British Museum
_____/ by a mighty effort of will/ overcame his natural bonhomie/ and wrote 'Principles of Political Economy'
Sir ____ said/ I am going to dine with some men/ If anyone calls/ say I'm designing St. Paul's.
____/ lived a long time ago/ he had nothing to do so/ he wrote 'Robinson Crusoe'
____/ liked to say 'Ach'/ and instead of saying 'Guten Morgen'/ he played 'Toccata and Fugue' on the organ
Lord ____/ once succumbed to a Siren/ his flesh was weak/ hers Greek.
When the young ____/ was told to kiss his aunt/ he obeyed the categorical 'must'/ but only just.

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